How to Use Stock Photos (Free Images Download) for Ebay: Everything You Need to Know

(Free Images Download)

Not really sure how to use stock photos or free images download for ebay? Read this article and discover everything you need to know!

Taking photos for eBay can be really expensive, especially if you don’t have an experience, skills or camera equipment. Besides the fact that it is quite expensive, it is time-consuming as well. It will take a lot of time to set up a photo shoot.

Ebay prevents using photos for which you don’t have a permission. If your online store sells a certain product from a seller who provides stock photos to sellers, in this case, eBay allows you to use these photos but only if you have the seller’s consent. For those of you who don’t know, eBay requires at least one image per listing.

In this article, we will discuss how to use stock photos or free images download for eBay:

  • Ebay Stock Photos: Visit their official website and click on “Sell an item”. You need to type the name of the item in the search bar and click “Search”. Next to the category, you will see a box you need to click on (depend on the category in which you would like to list your product). Once you are done, click “Continue”. Add the information required on the “Create Your Listing” page. In the listing form, text and stock photos will appear, although you will need to scroll down, in order to add payment and shipping information. Click “Continue” and check out the details. If you want to see how the stock photo will look when a visitor sees your item, click “Preview your listing”. If you are ready – click “List your item”.
  • Vendor Stock Photos – You need to contact the vendor through their email address or their website and ask them for 1MP or 2MP stock photos for your items. This size will upload quickly and will provide enough information. For creating a new listing for your items, follow the steps we mentioned above. Go to “Create Your Listing Page”, click “Add or Edit Photos”, click “Select Photos” and double click on the photo to add. The first photo you add, will be the first photo to appear in the search results. Click “Add photos” and when you are finished, click “Upload”. Once you are ready, click “List your item”.

 Go on and upload the photos now!

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