How to Find Free Images Download for Your Facebook or Blog: 3 Practices to Keep in Mind

Free Images Download for Your Facebook

Use our 3 helpful tips and practices and find the best free images download for your Facebook, Instagram or blog!

 How do you avoid infringing copyright when using free images download? How to know when you are allowed to use certain photos? You are not the only one who is having troubles determining the utilization of the stock photos.

The common preference is to use photos that you have captured yourself, but in some cases, this is not an option. With quick access to thousands and thousands of photos, it can be a real challenge to pull a photo from Google Images, download it and use it on your Facebook post or on your blog. This is not considered as a best practice and we highly recommend you to use photos with defined licensing to save yourself from serious troubles.

Here are 3 helpful practices that will help you find free images download for your Facebook or blog posts:

  1. Search under CC0 license: Creative Commons License are licenses that allow designers, web owners, and photographers to choose which rights they reserve and which rights they abandon when it comes to their creative work. There are some websites that offer images that fall under the Creative Commons License which have been officially approved by the author to be utilized by a third-party. The creators have decided whether they want attribution or not and these photos are available for you to use as long as you respect the Creative Commons License rules.
  2. Search Google’s Reusable Photos – If you are using Google’s Advanced Image Search, you can easily find an image available for public reuse. Once you open the search tool, you will find an option at the bottom “Usage Rights”. Use the drop-down menu and select how you would like to filter the photos. The great thing is that you know exactly what you are getting when you use the Advanced Image Search and the best part is that there are millions of photos to choose from.
  3. Consider free stock photo websites – There are so many great websites out there that can offer you legal and high-quality free images for download. One of the best websites on the market is ShutterStock. Some other websites you can consider are Flickr, Stock.xchng, Media Bakery, and Bigstock.

Where do you get photos for your Facebook or blog post? Let us know!