5 Types of Creative Commons Images You Must Stop Using Now

5 Types of Creative Commons Images

There are some photos you need to avoid if you want to get more traffic to your site! Here are 5 types of creative commons images you must stop using!

 As you probably know visual content drives engagement which means you need to make sure your current website photos are good enough to drive traffic and potential customers. What we are trying to say is that you must pay attention to the photos you use as the standards of what is good and what is not have changed since the 1990s. Choosing and using random photos simply not going to work.

You need to care about image use as image SEO, as well as, optimization is an important way to get more traffic to your website. By using relevant and unique photos which are optimized, you can boost the flow of traffic by getting your share. Photos are also important for social media promotion. Just think about it, if photos were not important, Twitter would not launch them into the feed. Photos are especially important for ecommerce sites as these sites need to present the products they offer and the better images are presented, the higher the conversion rates will be.

 If you want to make your pictures look better, start by avoiding these 5 types of Creative Commons images online: 

  1. Freaky, strange, and unnatural emotions – By using these photos, you will scare and confuse your visitors.
  2. Organized and happy corporate people everywhere – Using these photos is such a cliche. Make sure to avoid these photos, starting now!
  3. Abstract 3D things and figures – These are weird and unnatural photos and most of the online users hate these photos. They seem so unnatural and can’t help you sell or promote anything.
  4. People with laptops in funny and weird settings – No, no, and no! You must definitely avoid these photos as they look stupid and not realistic. As simple as that!
  5. All kinds of boards – green boards, whiteboards, glass boards – We don’t really know what makes people believe in the beauty of power of the board, but we can certainly convince that it doesn’t exist such power.

What is even more important, you must avoid low-resolution photos, especially if you are running an ecommerce site or establishing a new brand. Using such photos look totally unprofessional and can ruin the impression of your website.

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