The 5 Downsides To Using Public Domains Images Free

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Are you a blogger? If yes, then I bet you’ve been tempted to use public domains images free on your blog. Public domains images have no copyright attached to them. In other words, the owners of the Images surrender the rights of the images to the public. That means the public can reproduce the images, edit them and distribute them without fear of infringing on copyright laws. But the truth is that most free public domain images are not of the best quality. And one way to know if something cannot bring value to you is to compare its upsides and downsides. This post looks at the disadvantages to using public domains images.

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I. The fact that public domains images free are free to use make people not to trust them

Serious business owners are always skeptical of something labeled free. They know that it’s not up to scratch. They swear by the saying, ‘’ you get what you pay for.”

II. Concern about the quality of public domains images free

It’s a fact that most photography websites that offer royalty free images or public domains images source their images from rookie photographers or hobbyists. So the images available on those platforms are almost always of inferior quality. Therefore, if you’re looking to create a professional blog and grow it quickly, public domains images may not be ideal.

III. You’re likely to get free images for websites that have been overused

Since the free stock photography websites have a lot of not-so-good quality images, the best images you could get there have been used over and over. If an image is overused, its value gets eroded as well. To succeed as a blogger in this day and age of cutthroat competition, you have to be unique.


IV. There is the likelihood of getting public domains images free that have infringed copyright laws

Many people still think that when an image appears online, it’s public domain. It isn’t. Just like artwork and music, all photos available online come with a sort of copyright law. And you fully understand that using copyrighted material is a criminal offense. Your site could be brought down, you could be compelled to pay punitive fines, or you could even serve time. Also, be very careful when downloading images from public domains websites. The fact that they are uploaded on those websites doesn’t mean that they can be used freely. Some require that you pay a one-time fee to use them the way you like. So make a point to read the license type attached to any image before you download it.

V. Most public domains images free lack Model Release

A model release document is critical when using an image that has a recognizable person. The recognizable figure on the image must sign this document. The signature ascertains that the recognizable figure has allowed their image to be used for artwork, advertising, and marketing. You need to know that a person’s privacy is protected by law, even if they’re a public figure. If you scour the various photos found on most public domains image websites, you’ll find that there is no model release, despite the fact that they showcase images that contain recognizable people. Using such a photo could get you in trouble. Therefore, if a photo doesn’t have a model release, don’t use it.


While it’s common to see bloggers use free images they found online without consequences, you will have a piece of mind knowing that you got your images from the right sources. While those bloggers may not be found out right now, the law may catch up with them in the future. So choose the right websites to sources your free public domains images.